Mission and Vision

KWSE 대한여성과학기술인회 The Association of Korean Woman Scientists & Enginners

KWSE was founded in 1993 as the first association of women scientists and engineers in Korea with a goal to contribute to national development of science & technology and to protect the rights of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

KWSE aims to expand scientific capability and to uplift the status of women in STEM.

Major Activities & Achievements

  • Science & Technology Policy
    • Participation in national policy development for science and technology
    • Proposing new policies and conducting fundamental research for cultivation and support of women in science and technology
  • Research Capability
    • Providing opportunities to exchange academic knowledge and research discoveries for enhanced interdisciplinary capacity and leadership
    • Strengthening networks of women scientists and engineers
  • Science-Friendly Culture
    • Supporting scientific education applications for students
    • Supporting capability-building activities on science education for women scientists and engineers
  • International Cooperation
    • Collaborating with international organizations for women in STEM
    • Acting as a major hub of women in STEM networks in Asia & the Pacific region
    • Offering opportunities to build global networks for next-generation women scientists and engineers