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International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES)

INWES is a global network of organizations of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), reaching over 250,000 women members from 60 countries around the world and aims to build a better future through the full and effective participation of women and girls in all aspects of STEM.

INWES has overseen the International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES) which has been held triennially since 1964. In July 2002, ICWES delegate supported the creation of INWES and the following April 2003, INWES was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of Canada.

Through international collaborations with overseas institutions, corporations, and individual members, INWES raises awareness about major issues of women professionals in STEM fields such as the work environment, sustainable development, gender equity, and many other critical issues.

INWES Partnership
    Become an official NGO partner with UNESCO in 2008
  • ECOSOC United Nations Economic and Social Council
    Have Had consultative status with ECOSOC since 2017
  • United Nations Climate Change
    Admitted as observers to the UNFCCC in 2019

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KWSE’s Collaborative Activities with INWES

  • 1999

    Dr. Sae Hwa Oh, the 1st and 2nd KWSE president, attended ICWES 11

  • 2003

    Held INWES Regional Conference in Daejeon, Korea in conjunction with BIEN 2003

  • 2005

    Organized ICWES 13

  • 2009

    Held INWES Regional Conference in Busan, Korea in conjunction with BIEN 2009

  • 2011

    Dr.Kong-Joo Lee, the 6th KWSE president, elected as the 3rd president of INWES

  • 2013

    Host the KWSE/APNN Young Woman Scientist Camp on an annual basis

  • 2014

    Dr. Kong-Joo Lee, the 6th KWSE president, elected as the 4th president of INWES Held the 4th INWES APNN Meeting in Seoul, Korea

  • 2020

    Dr. Jung Sun Kim, elected as the 6th president of INWES

Structure of INWES



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  • Regional Conferences

Regional Networks

  • APNN: Aisa Pacific Nation Network
  • ARN: Africa Regional Network
  • Europe
  • MENA: Middle East and Northern Africa


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  • Advocacy
  • Education
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  • UNESCO activities

Regional Networks of INWES

INWES decided in 2008 to encourage the different regions of the world to establish their own regioanl networks in a physically close and similar time zone to facilitate communication and promote information exchange regarding issues in women scientists and engineers they face. By doing this, it hopes to enable women in the various regions of the world to realize their full potential in STEM.

Asia Pacifie Nationa Network (APNN) is the first regional network of INWES. In 2008, KWSE proposed the necessity of local networks at ICWES14 in Lille, France and organized the INWES Asian Network Workshop for the establishment of APNN in Busan, Korea in 2009. This led to INWES APNN being officially launced in 2011 during ICWES15 in Adelaide, Australia. APNN currently includes 16 member countrires

16 Member Countries
  • Australia flag
  • Bangladesh flag
  • India flag
  • Japan flag
  • Korea flag
  • Malaysia flag
  • Mongolia flag
  • Myanmar flag
  • Neapl flag
  • New Zealand flag
    New Zealand
  • Pakistan flag
  • Philipines flag
  • Singapore flag
  • Sri Lanka flag
    Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan flag
  • Vietnam flag

After APNN establishment, in 2014, INWES the African Regional Network (ARN) was established during ICWES16 in Los Angeles, USA, followed by the INWES Europe recently, in 2015 and now INWES MENA in 2018.

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KWSE’s Collaborative Activities with INWES APNN

KWSE activities with INWES APNN
  • 2008
    • Proposed the establishment of APNN at ICWES14
  • 2009
    • Held INWES Asian Network workshop at BIEN 2009
  • 2011
    • Held INWES APNN launch ceremony and 1st annual meeting at ICWES15
    • Selected as the 1st chair organization (2011-2014)
    • Dr. Hyang Sook Yu confirmed as the 1st APNN chairperson
    • Host of the 1st annual meeting
    • Proposed Publication of Country Report
  • 2012
    • 2nd annual meeting in Malaysia hosted by IEM
    • Host of the 2nd annual meeting
  • 2013
    • 3rd hird annual meeting in Taiwan co-hosted by TWiST and KWSE
    • JNWES, Japan elected as the 2nd chair organization
    • INWES APNN Policy Manual approved
    • Proposed INWES APNN Policy Manual
    • Held KWSE/APNN YWS Camp
    • Host of the 3rd annual meeting
  • 2014
    • 4th annual meeting in Korea hosted by KWSE
    • Conducted and KWSE/APNN joint international survey
    • Host of the 4th annual meeting and MAPWiST 2014 in Korea
  • 2015
    • 5th annual meeting in Mongolia hosted by WSTEM
    • TWiST, Taiwan elected as the 3rd chair organization
    • Proposed Working Group activities
  • 2015
    • 6th annual meeting in New Zealand hosted by IPENZ
    • Established APNN DB
  • 2017
    • 7th annual meeting in Japan hosted by JNWES
    • Host of MAPWiST 2017
  • 2018
    • 8th annual meeting in Vietnam hosted by VAFIW
    • WSTEM, Mongolia elected as the 4th chair organization
    • Corporate funding prepared for hosting of INWES APNN meetings
  • 2019
    • 9th annual meeting in Nepal hosted by WISE-Nepal
    • Host of MAPWiST 2019
  • 2020
    • 10th annual meeting in Taiwan hosted by TWiST
  • 2021
    • 11th annual meeting in Philippines hosted by PTCWEN