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Young Woman Scientist (YWS) Webinar
The YWS Webinar provides a platform for participants to connect with creative and innovative young researchers. KWSE hosts science and technology contests, selects outstanding proposals, and offers proposers the opportunity to present their research work during the webinar.


  • Young women scientists and engineers from domestic and abroad
    (Undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral researchers majoring in science and technology)

Support process

  • Call for
  • Proposals
  • Selection
    of webinar
  • Webinars
  • Awards for
    the best


  • Types: grand prize, top prize, and runner-up awards
  • Awards: Certificate and prize money

2024 International Young Woman Scientist Webinar
Call for Proposals

The International Young Woman Scientist Webinar serves as a showcase for the next generation of female leaders in the scientific and engineering communities, highlighting their inventive and forward-thinking projects. It also grants young female professionals in these fields the opportunity to present their academic findings and engage in meaningful discussions with peers and mentors.


“Sharing Experiences of Taking on Challenges”
Participants to present why they want to be a scientist or deliver a presentation related to their researches or studies

e.g. Introduction of a chosen field or major and reason for becoming interested in it, goals aiming to achieve as a scientist, vision, etc.

  • Domestic and international young female scientists and engineers in science, engineering, and related majors

* Undergraduate students, graduate students, and those within five years of completing a degree program

  • English

Two oral presentations (all open to the public)

  • Primary screening: Top presenters to be selected by an evaluation of a proposal presentation and three-minute speech

* Recorded three-minute speech may be submitted due to unavoidable circumstances, including time zone differences.

  • Primary screening: Top presenters to be selected by an evaluation of a proposal presentation and three-minute speech
Screening Procedures

The judging committee will comprise within 10 women scientists and engineers from domestic or international organizations working in industry, academia, or research institutes.

A. Primary screening: Presentation proposal and three-minute presentation
Award Grade
Evaluation items Evaluation criteria
Creativity Background of research, originality of research topic
Composition of proposal Composition of proposal and level of dedication
Presentation skills Delivery of research content, clarity, time distribution
B. Secondary screening: Webinar presentation
Award Grade
Evaluation items Evaluation criteria
Originality and creativity - Novelty of the research topic, content, and methodology
- Knowledge of the field and understanding of the research
Appropriateness and level of completion - Relevance of research to goals/vision as a scientist
- Clear explanation of research objectives and conclusions
Presentation skills - Delivery of presentation considering the audience's level of understanding of the topic
- Use and completeness of presentation materials, including figures, tables, photographs, etc.
Details of Awards
Details of Awards
Category Awardee Monetary prize Certificate issued by
First Place 1 person KRW 1 million** NST Chairperson
Second Place 1 person KRW 500,000 UST President
Third Place 1 person KRW 300,000 KWSE President

* Listed issuers may be subject to change.
* If an international resident wins first place, travel expenses to 2024 YWS Camp, including airfare and accommodations for two nights, will be supported.

Category Dates
Notice A call for proposals March 6 to 27
Primary screening Three-minute speech April 15 to 19
Announcement of first screening results April 22
Secondary screening Research presentation May 20 to 24
Selection of final awardees May 29
Award ceremony Awarding of top presenters at YWS Camp August 13
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The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) conducts the “Cooperation with International Organizations for Women in STEM R&D” project to strengthen international cooperation among women in science and technology, expand international personnel exchanges, and broaden the foundation for cooperative research as part of the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT)’s “Fostering and Supporting Women in STEM” project. The KWSE is thus obligated to comply with the National Research and Development Innovation Act.  This project is funded by the MSIT’s Science and Technology Promotion Fund and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF)’s Lottery Fund to generate social value and contribute to strengthening the international capacity of women scientists and engineers.