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Dr. Sung-Sil Moon is a microbiologist in the Rotavirus Vaccine & Immunology Team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, since 2007. She focuses on immune responses to RV infection, and the effectiveness of oral RV vaccines in children. Dr. Moon conducts pre-clinical and clinical developmental studies, testing an inactivated rotavirus vaccine (IRV) in different animal models. She has validated assays for the development of IRV focusing on the stability, potency, and immunogenicity of this vaccine. Using dissolving microneedle patch and anti-rotavirus specific monoclonal antibody production, she investigates rotavirus attenuation and pathogenesis, humoral and cellular immunity of IRV. She is instrumental in the research and development of the novel microneedle patch technology to deliver both IRV and IPV vaccines.
Dr. Moon has authored and reviewed numerous scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. Her work has garnered her numerous notable scientific awards. In 2018, she received an Honor Award and the Director’s Award for Innovation from CDC. Dr. Moon received her PhD from the College of Medicine at the Korea University in South Korea and her postdoctoral training at CDC.