The estrogen receptor (ER) plays an important role in breast cancer development and progression. Hypoxia was shown to modulate the level of ERalpha expression and induce ligand-independent transcriptional activation of ER, which may be intimately associated with the biology of breast carcinomas. Estrogen receptor (ER) β is predicted to play an important role in the prevention of breast cancer development and progression. The talk will cover the behavior of both estrogen receptor alpha and beta under hypoxia focused on degradation and transcriptional activity. Understanding the mechanistic behavior of estrogen receptor under hypoxia will facilitate the understanding of endocrine therapy resistance and development of treatment strategies of breast cancer.

1987-1991 B.S. Seoul National University, College of Pharmacy
1991-1995 Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
(under the supervision of Dr. Jack Gorski)

Professional Experience

1996 Postdoctoral fellow, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1997-1998 Postdoctoral fellow, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
1998-1999 Senior scientist, ViroMed Limited, Seoul, Korea
2000-present Professor, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea