2022 Smart Sister Program

-  Call for Participants of Small Group Activity –


The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) launched the Smart Sister Program (SSP) in 2013 to help international women students and scholars in Korea develop a network of acquaintances in S&T societies and exchange academic knowledge. This year KWSE continues to support Smart Sisters in various academic and cultural exchange activities via Small Group Activity, where you can create your S&T programs for individual capabilities.


□ Objective

  • Strengthen international women scientists and engineers’ competency by providing opportunities to plan and operate various academic activities
  • Improve adaptability to Korean R&D culture and build a stronger sense of belonging through mutual exchange


□ Sponsorship

  • Number of beneficiary groups: up to FIVE groups
  • Sponsorship: up to 700,000 KRW each
     * Total amount of sponsorship may be commensurate according to the evaluation of group plans.
  • Use of Budget: Meeting expenses, honorarium, printing, venue rental, mailing cost, and so on. (Please see attachment 1)


□ Details

  • Eligible Participants: Candidates for Small Group Activity should meet all requirements listed below.
  1. Next-generation women scholars living in Korea (including both Koreans and other nationalities)
  2. Female students in master’s and doctoral courses related to science and technology majors
  • Group Requirements
  1. A group should consist of at least FIVE female scientists and engineers
  2. A group should include members from two or more nations.
  3. At least one Korean member should be included. However, Korean members cannot exceed 50% of a group.
  4. A candidate cannot participate in other groups.
  • Group Theme
  1. Academic Exchange: research topics that meet all member’s interests (e.g. Invited lecture, Lab tour)
  2. Cultural Exchange
    * e.g. Introduce Korean lab culture, Visit Korean historic sites or meaningful places in Korea where group members could experience different cultural backgrounds, Discuss agenda to revitalize international network of women scholars in the Non-Contact Era
  • Requirements
  1. All group members should participate in the 2022 Smart Sister Workshop and make a presentation about the group activities.
    * The SS Workshop will be held during the 2022 KWSE/APNN International Young Woman Scientist Camp. KWSE will host the Camp in Daejeon on August 24 ~ 26, 2022.
  2. A group leader should summon in-person or online meetings to accomplish the goals of the group with a quorum of 70% of members for each meeting.
  3. A group leader should submit meeting minutes, group photos, and other documents to apply for reimbursement.
  4. A group leader should submit a final report including breakdown of expenses within seven business days after the termination of the group activity.
  5. All outcomes should be uploaded to the online community at kwse.org.


□ Application

  • Submission due: March 28 ~ April 14, 2022
  • Email application only: yjmin@kwse.or.kr
  • Small Group Activity Plan and a member list must be submitted online in DOCX (word) format.
  • Inquiries: KWSE Secretariat (yjmin@kwse.or.kr)


□ A year plan



Announcement of selected groups

~ April 14

April 14 ~ 19

April 20


Submission of

a final report

Presentation at

the 2022 SS Workshop

Small Group Activity

September 6

August 24 ~ 26

April 21 ~ August 25











* For more details, please find the attached file.