2022 Smart Sister Mentoring Program

-  Call for Mentees –


The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) has been operating the Smart Sister Program Since 2013 to Support foreign women scientists and engineers residing in Korea so that they have any difficulties living and studying in Korea. In 2022, we will operate a customized mentoring program for mentees, such as career counseling, development, and adaptation to Korean culture.


□ Purpose

  •   To build a consensus by listening closely to the concerns of young women scientists and engineers residing in Korea
  •   To offer career development advice and networking support for the settlement and employment of foreign women scientists and engineers in Korea

□ Eligible Participants

  •   Mentee: Female students and foreign women scientists and engineers currently live in Korea. Mentees should major in science and engineering
  •   Mentor: KWSE members and Smart Sister Alumni
    For Smart Sister Alumni, KWSE will review their qualification as a mentor.

□ Team-up

  •   One mentor is matched with up to two mentees
  •   Mentors will summon at least two and a maximum of four mentoring sessions.

□ Benefit for Mentees: Certificate

□ Become a Mentee

  •   Application: April 19 ~ May 2, 2022
  •   Online application only. Please visit the KWSE homepage at www.kwse.org.
  •   The process is simple as below:
  • Visit www.kwse.org and create your account.
  • Find a Mentoring Page. You may see ‘Find a Mentor’. Click on it.
  • Browse Mentors' information and you can select the mentor who meets your most interest.

□ Annual Plan

Mentor Recruitment


Mentee Recruitment & Team up


Having Mentoring Sessions

~ April 14

~ May 2

May 9 ~ October 31


□ Inquiries: KWSE Secretariat, yjmin@kwse.or.kr