APNN: Reimagining a STEM Research Culture project

(URL: https://www.inwes.org/apnn-reimagining-a-stem-research-culture-project/

APNN has announced the dates for their two webinars about Gender equity and inclusion in STEM, research and innovation in Asia and Pacific Nations that INWES is organizing as part of the project about Reimagining a STEM Research Culture.

Dr Jung Sun Kim, president of INWES and Ariunbolor Purvee, Chair of INWES APNN will be in charge of welcoming the participants to the webinar and presenting the project.

Hosted by the Asia Pacific Network, the following workshops will be taking place online:

  • Dialogue Workshop: 7 May 2022 – 11 AM in Mongolian time (10 pm EDT/ EST)
  • Knowledge Sharing Workshop: 21 May 2022 – 11 AM in Mongolian time (10 pm EDT/ EST)

In addition, the Global Concluding Symposium will be taking place on 20 July 2022

The content of the webinars will be as follows:

  1. Current status of STEM research and innovation in your country, based on at least 10 years worth of statistics (over 20 years of statistics on the subject would be better)
  2. Barriers to and opportunities for equitable and inclusive representation in STEM research and innovation.

Register to attend in the following links or follow our YouTube channel.

1st webinar

2nd webinar

First webinar: 7 May, 3:00 am UTC

The speakers for this webinar will be:

  • “MyRA: Performance Indicators for the Advancement and Evolution of Malaysian STEM Research – A More Inclusive Approach”, Dr. Leong Wai Yie, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), Malaysia
  • “Enhancing Research Culture in STEM Tertiary Education in India” Dr. Seema Singh, Women in Science and Engineers in India (WISE India), India
  • Overcoming the wall of “Unconscious bias”, Ms. Ryo Kimura, Japan Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (JNWES), Japan

Second webinar: 21 May, 3:00 am UTC

The speakers for this webinar will be:

  • Mongolia’s scientific journey in the past 100 years, Mrs. Hishigdulam Tumurbaataryn, Women in STEM, Mongolia
  • Raising STEM passion for students, especially female students, Dr. Le Minh Thang, Vietnam Association for Intellectual Women (VAFIW), Vietnam
  • Enhancing the research culture of Taiwan for Gender equality: “Wow~ This is so-called Gender in Science and Technology (GiST)”, Dr. Anya Maan-Yuh Lin, Taiwan Women in Science and Technology (TWIST), Taiwan